How to clean the washing machine alone

How to clean the washing machine alone

When you run your clothes in the washing machine, you expect to come out clean. And logically. But how many times has happened to clean the machine itself? To improve its efficiency and to avoid unpleasant odors, we encourage you to spend time for that. Do you not know how? Do not worry.

Try to apply the following tips if you decide that you do not need a specialist.

Improve efficiency

The place most often compromised by limescale and other impurities are filters for hot and cold water, which are Image of washing machinelocated on the back of the machine. Once you notice that your machine is difficult at work, in most cases due to the accumulated filth there.To clean them, you must first disconnect the washing machine from the plug to disconnect the water supply, disconnect the pipes for hot and cold water and remove filters. Soak them in vinegar to remove limescale, then quickly rinse and return to their places. Turn back the machine. Improvement should see at the first washing.

Remove dirt

Whether you notice it or not, the laundry is collected dirt. Especially if you have a pet at home, which inevitably hair sticks to your clothes, and then on the inside of the machine. Regularly clean with a damp cloth so already formed there dirt does not pass on your clothes.

Another good idea is to use a vacuum cleaner as a natural first make sure that the cylinder washing machine is well dried. We warn you that you will be surprised by the amount of dirt, which will encounter.

Neutralize odors

The newer washing machines have a special program that is run to clean itself. If your machine still has not acquired with this feature, you can run it at idle, a program with a high temperature, to washing powder, add a little bleach. If the smell still remains, then you should pay attention to places that often hold water – rubber seals and divisions for washing powder and softener. Clean with a solution of vinegar and water and let it dry. Repeat once a month.

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The Finishing Touches of Every Successful After Tenancy Cleaning

The Finishing Touches of Every Successful After Tenancy Cleaning

The end of tenancy cleaning, the move out or after tenancy one or whatever you like to call this type of clean-up is the cleaning task everyone in this city is talking about. It is inclusive, deep and that makes it difficult and challenging for the unprofessionals, but what indeed makes it so popular is the fact that only if you pass the inspection at its very end, you will get the money from the security deposit back. And completely logically no one is keen on the idea of losing several thousand pounds.basin-1502544_640 But what the majority of people fail to understand about this cleaning is that it is all about preciseness.

Do it properly, being patient, and you will achieve incredibly good results.

Or if you simply don’t have the skills, the experience, the cleaning tools or products, the time or whatever, then you need to find a team that will be patient enough and precise enough to make this house shine in a minimal amount of time thus assuring you an inspection pass and satisfaction. And just like we already said that the details indeed matter when it is about a cleaning like this or the following it inspection, you need to stay aware and to pay attention to those little things that could cost you everything.

The smells

There is maybe no situation more unpleasant than that of you going to someone else’s house and having to cope with a super awful smell. Yeah, those are things that are not so closely related to cleaning, as there is no air cleaning task neither in your daily, weekly, monthly cleaning routine, nor in the checklists of the inspector. However, if the landlord or letting agency representative goes into the house and smell cigarettes, mold or something worse than that, you are screwed. And that is for sure. So make sure that not only your house will be in perfect condition, but that there would be no smells at all.


The cobwebs

The chance of missing these is remarkably great if you are not hiring one of the professional cleaning teams, but you are performing the after tenancy clean-up by yourself.

Yeah, they are small and too often hard to notice. However, they are in absolutely every checklist, which means that something as small and irrelevant like a cobweb could cost you a several thousand pounds. That is why you better check carefully the entire place before the inspector’s arrival. You will be sure in the success then.

The attitude

Yeah, this is not a cleaning task, but is indeed the finishing touch of the end of tenancy cleaning. the way you behave and talk with the inspector has a far greater importance than you expect. If you are polite and simply kind, if you smile and be friendly, even if there are some little imperfections the inspector could give you the pass. However, as those checklists are full of tasks some of which are ridiculously hard to accomplish, if you are being rude, you will no doubt fail.

Top 2 must-dos you have been procrastinating for too long

Top 2 must-dos you have been procrastinating for too long

You need to clean

You get offended when someone tells you that you are not cleaning well, but in the same time, you know that he is Image of a bathroomright. But the sad thing is that, though you make so many efforts and try so hard, though you are not one of those who just come back, lay on the sofa and order a take-away for dinner. You are doing your best indeed and the lack of successful results disappoints you.
The truth is that the only reason for cleaning that hard and having a still not perfectly looking home, is that you are most probably not cleaning properly at all. And I am pretty sure that you are never skipping that vacuuming and dusting and you are performing those let’s say at least on a weekly basis. I am sure that it is all true. However, I believe that there are some tasks that are so unpleasant that you absolutely hate. And you know what this all leads to? Procrastinating at its finest. And while you are trying to convince yourself that they don’t really matter and that they cannot be your top priorities, it turns out that they can change your home, your everydayness, your life. So you better roll up your sleeves and start with them right now. And yet you have procrastinated for so long.

The deep bathroom cleaning

I know, I know, you are cleaning your bathroom, but I bet that you are not doing it well enough. This room is the home of all bacteria and if you are not disinfecting it on at least twice per month, you risk to have a pretty gross bathroom. And if you are now wondering, what does properly mean, the answer is simple. Scrub the tiles more deeply with a strong detergent and remove all those hard-water stains. Then clean the toilet with bleach and polish every other surface. After that, make sure that every time you are taking a shower, you will be at least going through every surface with warm water.

The mattress clean-up

Image of clean bathroomOh God, did you even know about this? Have you ever performed a cleaning of this one in your entire life? I doubt that you have. It is one of that tasks, of whose existence are aware only a few. You have never known that this thing may store so much dirt, but the reality is that it could. And even worse, it may store bacteria and if not cleaned often enough that bacteria may cause infections and allergies while you are asleep. And isn’t this the nightmare? Well, yeah. That place you love so much, that little piece of perfection, that eternal shelter and a cuddling heaven – your bed, may be much, much dirtier than you expect. So take the vacuum-cleaner and first remove the dust and the dirt from it. Then with a paste, made by baking soda and water, scrub the mattress really carefully.

Change the bed sheets and sleep tight. Ever after.

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Why cleaning the kitchen regularly is so relevant?

Why cleaning the kitchen regularly is so relevant?

Cleaning the kitchen is for sure one of the most unpleasant and hated by all tasks. You wake up every morning, go there for a crucial reviving cup of coffee and after a couple of minutes you leave. The era of the housewives, who have enough time for home maintenance, for their children and their hobbies is gone. Now you have time for almost nothing. After spending an hour in the tube/train/car you are at work and after 8 or 9 or 10 hours you are back home. The reality is harsh and exhausting.

You are almost always grumpy and there is no light in the end of the tunnel. So what you believe is that this is an excuse. Oh, dear, no one has time these days. If our resources are scarce, then time is the scarcest of them all. But skipping the kitchen cleaning might turn your life into a hell. Believe me.

The surfaces will get sticky. Gross

If you fail to clean the cupboards or the shelves or whatever other surface could be in the living room, it will get dusty and nothing more. If you, however, don’t perform a clean-up in the kitchen, where the meals are made or at least served, where the goods are stored, all of them, you risk having a kitchen, whose surface you would prefer not to touch. The sticky and oily shelves and cupboards is one of the worst cleaning nightmares. And it’s gross. No one would like to step into that kitchen thereafter. You too.

The appliance would become the hell itself

The oven, the microwave and even the coffee-maker and the toaster. They all need regular care and maintenance and if you fail to clean them on a weekly basis, they won’t be in the best condition possible.

Don’t forget the other rooms. In this article you can read about the bathroom cleaning.

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