Top 2 must-dos you have been procrastinating for too long

You need to clean

You get offended when someone tells you that you are not cleaning well, but in the same time, you know that he is Image of a bathroomright. But the sad thing is that, though you make so many efforts and try so hard, though you are not one of those who just come back, lay on the sofa and order a take-away for dinner. You are doing your best indeed and the lack of successful results disappoints you.
The truth is that the only reason for cleaning that hard and having a still not perfectly looking home, is that you are most probably not cleaning properly at all. And I am pretty sure that you are never skipping that vacuuming and dusting and you are performing those let’s say at least on a weekly basis. I am sure that it is all true. However, I believe that there are some tasks that are so unpleasant that you absolutely hate. And you know what this all leads to? Procrastinating at its finest. And while you are trying to convince yourself that they don’t really matter and that they cannot be your top priorities, it turns out that they can change your home, your everydayness, your life. So you better roll up your sleeves and start with them right now. And yet you have procrastinated for so long.

The deep bathroom cleaning

I know, I know, you are cleaning your bathroom, but I bet that you are not doing it well enough. This room is the home of all bacteria and if you are not disinfecting it on at least twice per month, you risk to have a pretty gross bathroom. And if you are now wondering, what does properly mean, the answer is simple. Scrub the tiles more deeply with a strong detergent and remove all those hard-water stains. Then clean the toilet with bleach and polish every other surface. After that, make sure that every time you are taking a shower, you will be at least going through every surface with warm water.

The mattress clean-up

Image of clean bathroomOh God, did you even know about this? Have you ever performed a cleaning of this one in your entire life? I doubt that you have. It is one of that tasks, of whose existence are aware only a few. You have never known that this thing may store so much dirt, but the reality is that it could. And even worse, it may store bacteria and if not cleaned often enough that bacteria may cause infections and allergies while you are asleep. And isn’t this the nightmare? Well, yeah. That place you love so much, that little piece of perfection, that eternal shelter and a cuddling heaven – your bed, may be much, much dirtier than you expect. So take the vacuum-cleaner and first remove the dust and the dirt from it. Then with a paste, made by baking soda and water, scrub the mattress really carefully.

Change the bed sheets and sleep tight. Ever after.

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