How to clean the washing machine alone

When you run your clothes in the washing machine, you expect to come out clean. And logically. But how many times has happened to clean the machine itself? To improve its efficiency and to avoid unpleasant odors, we encourage you to spend time for that. Do you not know how? Do not worry.

Try to apply the following tips if you decide that you do not need a specialist.

Improve efficiency

The place most often compromised by limescale and other impurities are filters for hot and cold water, which are Image of washing machinelocated on the back of the machine. Once you notice that your machine is difficult at work, in most cases due to the accumulated filth there.To clean them, you must first disconnect the washing machine from the plug to disconnect the water supply, disconnect the pipes for hot and cold water and remove filters. Soak them in vinegar to remove limescale, then quickly rinse and return to their places. Turn back the machine. Improvement should see at the first washing.

Remove dirt

Whether you notice it or not, the laundry is collected dirt. Especially if you have a pet at home, which inevitably hair sticks to your clothes, and then on the inside of the machine. Regularly clean with a damp cloth so already formed there dirt does not pass on your clothes.

Another good idea is to use a vacuum cleaner as a natural first make sure that the cylinder washing machine is well dried. We warn you that you will be surprised by the amount of dirt, which will encounter.

Neutralize odors

The newer washing machines have a special program that is run to clean itself. If your machine still has not acquired with this feature, you can run it at idle, a program with a high temperature, to washing powder, add a little bleach. If the smell still remains, then you should pay attention to places that often hold water – rubber seals and divisions for washing powder and softener. Clean with a solution of vinegar and water and let it dry. Repeat once a month.

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